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Federal law requires that before signing a lease for housing built before 1978, renters must receive the following from your landlord:

  • An EPA-approved information pamphlet on identifying and controlling lead-based paint hazards, Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home (see below)
  • Any known information concerning the presence of lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards in the home or building.
    • For multi-unit buildings, this requirement includes records and reports concerning common areas and other units when such information was obtained as a result of a building-wide evaluation.
  • An attachment to the contract, or language inserted in the contract, that includes a "Lead Warning Statement" and confirms that the landlord has complied with all notification requirements.

Lead-Based Paint Brochure:  
Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home

Protect Your Family pamphlet explaining the dangers of lead in your home and how to protect your family from lead-based paint hazards.

Nearly every state in the US requires that when you deduct money from a tenant's security deposit, that you refund the balance along with a written statement of deductions.  This editable MS Word document is a great template to use to allow landlords to easily document the deductions from a security deposit.