The Best Features of a Free Tenant Application Form

free tenant application form

We've narrowed it down to the top 3 features that will safe you the most time when you're filling your vacancy.

It's Online

There are many benefits to using an online rental application. They're quicker for you an your tenants. If your applicant takes a paper form home to fill out, then they'll need to arrange to drop it off. With an online form, tenants can complete an application anytime from their mobile phone or computer. Information can be kept more securely with online tenant application forms ad there's no requirements for the landlord to have an in-home inspection on their filing methods. Plus, many of your applicants, especially Millennials, will expect something they can access through the internet.

It's Easy

You won't have to decipher the unintelligible scrawl of a paper application form if your tenants are typing. All you information can be stored, viewed, and accessed from your mobile device at any time. Next time you need a tenant's information while you're out of town, you won't have to scramble.


It's Integrated with Tenant Screening

This will save you a step when it comes to filling your vacancy. Online applications that are integrated with reputable tenant screening companies will allow you to receive a tenant's credit report, criminal background check, and evictions report. Even better, these applications remove the risks and legal requirements associated with having to safeguard an applicant's personal information.


Landlords and tenants, what features do you find helpful on a rental application?