Landlord-Tenant laws for all 50 states, including links to real estate licensing authorities, fair housing agencies and other helpful resources

Landlord-Tenant Law

Federal laws, lead-based paint disclosure information, fair housing act and other federal resources for landlords and tenants.

Federal Law

Have a question that has been bugging you (e.g., Where can I find a website to get tenant credit reports?) that you need a little help with?  Ask us and a licensed property manager will do their best to answer it within 24 hours!

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What are some tips to finding a great tenant?  What are the most important amenities to have at a property? What should you do if a tenant does not ever return your phone calls?  In this section you will discover a collection of articles all about landlords and tenants.  

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From easy software for landlords, to rent-proration calculators, to the best place to screen your tenants.  We have compiled the best list of resources and tools for landlords.

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Ever had a terrible tenant?  How about a lame landlord?  Here you'll find those and everything in between.  Plus a little random fun.

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